AirFRONT: Wired and Wireless Integrated Authentication

The best integrated wired/wireless authentication and security solution to support authentication / data encryption for users and terminals in a WLAN environment.

It has been delivered to over 1,000 customers with proven stability and technology for a long time. Safe authentication/security will be ensured in any wireless infrastructure environment.

  1. Support for SDN-based authentication architecture
  2. Support for internal standard (IEEE802.1x, 11i)
  3. CC certified by National Intelligence Service Korea
  4. GS certification

Applications of AirFRONT

Main Features

Issuance of a private certificate / support management

Supports the compliance of the certificate-based authentication system

  • Issuance of private CA / support management
    • Windows access client (support a certificate)
  •  mCUVIC
    • Smart mobile authentication application (support a certificate): Android (4.0 or higher), iOS (6.0 or higher)

Compliance with international standards

  • Support the IEEE802.1x standard protocol
  • IEEE802.11i security (support WPA v.2 or higher)
  • Comply with TLS v.1.2: AES256/SHA256/RSA2048
  • Support the AAA standard
  • Support RADIUS IP v.6
  • Expand the Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) function

Smart mobile authentication application

Works with various smart devices

  • Support the integrated authentication applications of smart terminal devices to gather various security demands
  • OS : Android and iOS
  • One-way encryption support application in accordance with the Privacy Act
  • Interlock with SSL VPN in the smart environment and support API

Authentication client


  • IEEE802.1x EAP authentication
  • WPA v.1/v.2 encryption
  • Easy settings for static/WPA-PSK
  • Wi-Fi Auto Scan
  • Provide profile-based access
  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • iOS 6.0 or higher