Mail Security

It’s difficult to sort through mail.

It’s a time-consuming task to sort through the masses of spam mail in search for mail that you actually need—sometimes to the point that it negatively influences your productivity. By setting up measures to automatically isolate spam, this will no longer be a concern.


Mail security measures are not only necessary for received mail, but for sent mail as well. For example, there is always a risk of information leakage through erroneously sent mail as long as mail is used as the means for communication. Therefore, corporations should aim to prevent this from happening by setting up relevant security measures.


The majority of security products incur an annual cost, including but not limited to maintenance and license renewal fees. If you are troubled about the costs of such upkeep, reconsidering the products in use may result in lower costs without lowering the level of security that you need.


Lately, the targeted threat attacks that are increasingly problematic are cyberattacks that are difficult to prevent with conventional security technologies. Thus, the demand for newer and further developed security systems that are capable of protecting against these cyberattacks is increasing.


There seem to be many firms expressing dissatisfaction with currently existing security systems, some of their concerns being: “reached max capacity on spam folder due to the immense number of spam mail received”, “adding additional functions incurs further costs”, and “difficulties in manipulating the product’s control system”.