MudFix: Targeted Threat Mail Training Service

Do we really need a targeted threat mail training service?

According to research, over 90% of targeted threat attacks are attempted over email. 

Targeted attack emails spoof the subject line and address of an email to impersonate a company official, and infects it with malware when the targeted company official opens the email—in other words, inducing human error—to illicitly exploit information and money.

This human error is caused by inadequate security awareness and lack of knowledge. Therefore, by increasing security awareness among employees and staff through education and training, you can better avoid the damage caused by targeted attack emails.

Prepare for threats by simulating a targeted attack on a regular basis so that when you receive an email, you can be wary of potentially dangerous emails, and take appropriate action without panicking by consulting your colleagues, supervisor, or security personnel.

What is MudFix?

MudFix sends targeted training emails to employees and staff that simulate a targeted attack. This is a preventive training service to help you acquire the ability to respond to a targeted threat attack. If you sign up for the consulting service, we will support you in planning and setting up the training; thus, customers without experience in training can perform the training without problems.

Main Features of MudFix

Management of
training targets

Sending training emails

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