SaniTOX: File Sanitization

Supports interconnected operation of web servers and file servers (SMB, FTP)

SaniTOX is a CDR(Content Disarm & Reconstruction) solution which employs Jiran Security’s CDR engine that can counter unknown security threats by removing executable active contents (such as macro, JavaScript) and embedded objects (buttons, OLE objects) in the files and then recombining the disarmed files as safe files. It is highly efficient as it supports the interconnected operation of web servers and file servers in implementing solutions and managing them.

※ SaniTOX is offered as an appliance and SDK(Software Development Kit). A virtual appliance version will also be offered in the future.

Why do you need this product?

Main Features

CDR(Contents Disarm & Reconstruction) and Antivirus

Detects abnormal formats through document structure analysis
Removes active contents in documents
Recombines and provides the disarmed files as a safe file
Responds to known threats using global vaccine engine

Log and Statistics Report

File-based inflow and processing statistics
Provides system performance statistics
Provides processing reports about CP engine application
Provides security-related event and system audit logs

Appliance Optimization

Hardware specs for optimal operation of CP engine
Supports vaccine and CDR engine update
Support for original file backup option (available soon)

Flexible Policy Management

Setup of antivirus and CDR engine application policies
Notification settings for the disarming process and exceptions
Supports client-based in/outbound folder policy
Supports various languages (Korean, English, Japanese)

Supports various integration methods

Provides interface for a convenient integration
Supports API for web server integration
Supports file server integration such as FTP, FTPS and SMB

System Configuration/Operating Environment

Currently(July 1, 2018) operation under the following conditions is confirmed:
* CentOS 6.7-6.9 64bit (only Python 2.6 is supported)
* CentOS 7.0-7.5 64bit (only Python 2.7 is supported)

* RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS are equally supported.

Trial for File Sanitization

See the results of file sanitization for yourself. Link to demo site

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Product Introduction Videos

SaniTOX Introduction

SaniTOX Demonstration