OTP Card Token

OATH-compliant OTP Card

Shaped just like a credit card, it is extremely portable.

OTPs(one-time-passwords) are randomly generated single-use passwords. Thus, it cannot be reused even if it were to be leaked; it is one of the easiest Two-Factor Authentication methods available for corporate use. 

Characteristics of OTP

A different passcode is created for every time authentication is required.

A special OTP-creating device is required, and this device cannot be duplicated.

Have(OTP device) + Know(password)

Product Details:

  • Size:H 54 × W 85 × D 0.84 (in mm)
  • Passcode created:6 digits (automatically refreshed every minute)
  • Battery Lifetime:5 years (3 years for 30,000 clicks, 5 years for 15,000 clicks)
  • Power saving function:automatically switches off after 60 seconds
  • Display:H 6 × W 23.75 (in mm)e-PAPER (viewing angle:approx. 180 degrees)
  • Operating temperature:10℃ ~ 40℃
  • Storage temperature:-10℃ ~ 50℃
  • Other:customizable design (extra charge)