Two-Factor/Two-Channel Authentication

V-FRONT provides additional authentication when logging into web servers, VPN, VDI, and network devices(Telnet). By adding an extra layer of authentication in the form of OTP passcodes, push recognition, touch authentication, and QR code scans in addition to existing ID/password logins, this two-factor/two-channel authentication solution provides additional security for your needs.

File Sanitization Solution

SaniTOX is a CDR(Content Disarm & Reconstruction) solution that can counter unknown security threats by removing executable active contents (such as macro, JavaScript) and embedded objects (buttons, OLE objects) in the files and then recombining the disarmed files as safe files.

SSL Visibility Appliance

AISVA(Application Insight SSL Visibility Appliance) is a product that provides visibility for SSL traffic. It addresses security blind spots and enhances the performance of security equipment, while providing high cost-performance.

Targeted Threat Mail Training Service

MudFix sends targeted training emails to employees and staff that simulate a targeted attack. This is a preventive training service to help you acquire the ability to respond to a targeted threat attack. If you sign up for the consulting service, we will support you in planning and setting up the training; thus, customers without experience in training can perform the training without problems.

Highly portable, OATH-compliant
OTP Card

OTPs(one-time-passwords) are randomly generated single-use passwords. Thus, it cannot be reused even if it were to be leaked; it is one of the easiest Two-Factor Authentication methods available for corporate use.

Simple Touch Authentication Device

YubiKey is a multi-factor authentication device that completes authentication with just a simple touch.

Leak-proof mail security

TERRACE MAIL Security is an integrated security solution dedicated to email that provides all-in-one functionality necessary for email security, such as blocking spam mails, virus mails, targeted attack mails, sanitizing emails, and preventing erroneous mails from being sent.